Modern Transportation Engaging with American Chemistry Council (ACC) on Responsible Care® Program Initiative

Bulk products carrier is pursuing Responsible Care’s Partnership Program for chemical supply chain participants

Sewickley, PA – Modern Transportation Services LCC, an industry leader in the transportation and handling of both dry and chemical bulk materials, recently met with representatives of the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® team and is aggressively pursuing partnership in the ACC’s Responsible Care Partners program. 

“Responsible Care helps ACC member companies to not only improve their environmental, health, safety and security performance, but also to improve their business operations,” according to Tony Cutuli, Sr. Director of Safety & Risk Management for Modern.  “In doing the right things for the world that surrounds the chemical industry’s supply chain, Partners gain the benefit of substantially enhanced operating performance.”

The Responsible Care Partnership Program, in existence since 1993, has steadily grown in value to its participants. Through the Partnership Program, the ACC strengthens Responsible Care by extending its risk management practices beyond the factory gate through to the transport, storage, marketing, use, recycling and disposal of chemicals.  In short, promoting and instilling Responsible Care’s ethos through the entire chemical industry supply chain.

Participating in the Responsible Care program and applying these practices within their companies has helped Partners foster use of consistent terminology.  This, in turn, has helped streamline communications on health, safety, environmental and security practices throughout the chemical industry.  The outcome has been dramatically improved dialogue with communities and other stakeholders regarding the safe handling of chemical products.

“Modern Transportation maintains a vigilant commitment to safety, which resides at the core of our Mission and defines the culture we live, daily” noted Patrick Cozzens, President of Modern Transportation.  “The Responsible Care Partners Program distills the best practices of companies engaged in chemical supply chains.  This will facilitate, and accelerate, our process focused on creating a safer environment for our employees, our customers and the environment in which we operate in.   Earning the Responsible Care logo, as a partner to the ACC, is a symbol of our commitment to following strict industry guidelines to promote a better company, a safer company.”

Modern Transportation is being supported and guided in its partnership efforts by a leading global chemical industry player.   “We’re fortunate to have one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers willing to sponsor Modern’s immersion into Responsible Care.   We’re honored by that support and recognize that this support is an acknowledgement of what we’ve accomplished as a carrier of hazardous materials,” added Cutuli.

The Responsible Care Certification Process provides industry stakeholders with assurance that ACC member and Responsible Care Partner companies are conforming to the initiative’s requirements. Companies’ management systems are audited by independent, third-party auditors.  Auditing firms that participate in this process are monitored by national accreditation bodies, and individual auditors must meet specific experience and training criteria before entering the field.