Plastic Resins

Over the past century, plastic resins have become a multi-faceted resource for thousands of products that enhance our daily lives.  Most recently, plastics have experienced a boom due to the abundance of natural gas fracking in the domestic US.  This new surge of plastic resources has led to increased innovation in many applications, including 3D Printing and injection molding.

Plastic resin has created a competitive environment throughout North America.  Various producers have emerged, many of which reside where former steel plants once stood.  Considering that competitive nature, which includes fast production and accurate sourcing, a safe transportation partner with a reputation for attention to detail is essential to the success of any production entity.

At Modern, we recognize that having your product arrive on-time and contaminant-free is paramount when meeting the high-demand of your customers.  With safety in the forefront, our timely performance, our nimble accuracy, and our laser-focus on production schedules uniquely qualify us to be that carrier upon which world-class plastic resin producers rely. You’re the plastic’s experts. Partner with the bulk transportation experts. Partner with Modern.