Bid Management

Fuel cost, mileage, capacity, mode optimization, hours of operation tolls, DOT, cost control, and carrier performance are just a few factors to consider when evaluating your transportation. Without superior and specific industry expertise within your firm, developing, implementing, and executing a transportation bid can be a gamble.

Enter Modern Logistics. The many aspects that go into your transportation bid are our passion. We live them and we succeed at them every day. Constant changes in the transportation industry can present significant challenges to shippers worldwide. Modern Logistics values safety above all else, so not only do we evaluate and monitor your carrier portfolio, but industry regulations as well.

Bid Management requires expertise. Partnering with Modern allows you to leverage our knowledge base to accomplish your bid objectives. Our “cradle to grave” approach takes the guesswork out of the bid process so you can be confident of carrier selection and performance. Call Modern when that next RFQ hits your desk.