Safety & Performance

Since childhood, we have all chased the First Place Ribbon, the Gold Star, and the Science Fair Trophy. Awards have always been a big part of achievement. As we grow older, however, the saying “Hard Work is its Own Reward” becomes less of a punchline and more of reality.

At Modern, we still like being recognized for performance, yet our true satisfaction comes from doing a tough job safely, efficiently, and effectively. Our ability to focus upon the needs of our customers, coupled with our relentless pursuit of abundant customer communication, has been our recipe for success for over thirty years.

Yet, on occasion, our customers still remind us that coming in first place still means something.

Here are but a few of the awards in which we take great pride:

Great-WestGreat West Casualty Company
2015 – 2nd Place – Tank Truck, in cooperation with American Trucking Association
Platinum National Safety Award 2007 / 2008 / 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014
2014 – Gold Award for Outstanding Achievement – Workplace Safety


2015 Logistics Excellence Award – Eastern Inbound
2013 Carrier of the Year – Eastern Inbound


Commercial Carrier Journal
January 2016 – Innovator of the Month
November 2011 – Innovator of the Month


Compass Minerals
2012/2013 Service Excellence Award


Bobit Business Media
2012 Fleet Safety Award


Owens Corning
2008 Enterprise Carrier of the Year
2007 Enterprise Carrier of the Year
2007 Global Logistics – Plant Regional Carrier of the Year
2006 Global Logistics – Plant Inbound Carrier of the Year
2004 Logistics Systems Excellence Award – N. America – Inbound Carrier of the Year

1997 Excellent Supplier Award – In Recognition of Overall Excellent Service