Modern Transportation was forged from the manufacturing heritage of the Pittsburgh region. Is it any surprise, then, that Modern’s own heritage was likewise forged by serving iconic industrial manufacturers? With a history that extends back to the 1950’s and the very elements of industry, Modern’s founders had industry in their DNA.

In the decades since then we’ve made our mark in transportation by facilitating the supply chains of many of America’s premier manufacturers:  In steel and glass, roofing and automotive, minerals and material handling, energy and construction. Today, Modern Transportation’s broad range of services are diversified across a range of industries. In recent years we’ve extended our logistics expertise to include services for the liquid bulk and chemical industries.

The same fundamental characteristics, however, define us across time, every time: Innovative logistics applied to solving challenges found in mission-critical manufacturing environments. Our growth and development in these high-profile services are a direct result of Modern’s focus on safety and our application of systems technology in order to ensure safety and improve performance.

No matter what your industry, if you’re looking for a transportation partner to ensure your critical supply chain, look to Modern Transportation.