Our Mission/Culture

The mission of Modern Transportation is to provide superior transportation solutions to our customers in the safest, most professional and efficient manner.

To Our Team Members:
We are driven by a set of values. These deeply held beliefs, standards and principles are beyond compromise:

  • We value you and your safety above anything else. Nothing we do is worth hurting ourselves or others.
  • We encourage everyone to be creative, innovative, and motivated to improve the value Modern Transportation brings to its customers and shareholders.
  • We strive to create a culture of honesty and respect where a sense of trust and mutual confidence will flourish.

To Our Customers:
The same values that motivate Modern Transportation’s people and operations are what create our unique “value” in the market. We recognize that without you we don’t exist, therefore:

  • We are committed to providing safe and reliable transportation solutions that will meet and exceed your standards regarding product and service integrity, timeliness and competitive pricing.
  • We will strive always to listen to and understand your needs so that we can develop innovative solutions that help you and your business to be more safe, competitive, and efficient.