2021 Owens Corning Global Supplier Award

Modern Transportation Honored with Owens Corning Global Supplier Award

On Wednesday, September 28th, Modern Transportation was selected for the Owens Corning 2021 Global Supplier Award during their annual week-long Global Supplier Event in Toledo, Ohio. To be nominated for this award, suppliers are evaluated by Owens Corning using six behavior dimensions throughout the year: Safety, Sustainability, Innovation, Value Creation, Risk Mitigation, and Spirit of Partnership.


Modern Transportation has been a integral and strategic partner to Owens Corning for over 30 years, delivering critical inbound transportation solutions to its North American plants across all three business units.   Over the past year this partnership has only grown stronger.  As transportation and logistics networks across the US and the globe have been rocked by the pandemic and record driver shortages, Modern has risen to the task of ensuring OC’s plants remain operating through these unprecedented times.

Specifically, in September 2021 one of Owen’s Corning’s inbound transportation providers shuttered its nationwide operations with less than 24 hours notice, placing several plants in a difficult position of having to potentially shutdown due to a lack of raw materials.  Modern immediately stepped in to work with OC’s inbound transportation team and local plant personnel in Summit, Atlanta and Houston to restore inbound transportation of raw materials, literally in a matter of hours and days.  This prevented these affected plants from experiencing extended shutdowns which could have resulted in millions of losses.


While Modern’s asset division has always been an integral component to our successful partnership, their Logistics/Brokerage division has been an incredibly important tool in this hyper-constrained transportation market.  During carrier shutdown detailed above, it was Modern’s logistics group that delivered immediate capacity while the asset division ramped up hiring drivers and moving in equipment.  Further, the logistics division delivers value frequently for all Owens Corning divisions stepping in during rail failures, other carriers not meeting their commitments or other freight emergencies.


The Modern and Owens Corning transportation teams collaborate and communicate at the highest level with daily, weekly and quarterly meetings and conference calls throughout all levels of both organizations.  We look forward to continued, mutual success between two great companies.