Food Grade

Shipping food grade liquid bulk freight is a highly specialized area, so choosing a professional, experienced, and reliable food grade liquid bulk carrier is very important to ensuring the proper handling of your liquid freight. Modern has all the necessary tools and expertise to safely and properly transport your liquid freight.

We are also pleased to have successfully collaborated with the Orthodox Union to earn certification as a transporter of kosher products.

Throughout the process of refining equipment specifications and adopting clear operational expectations and procedures, we began to greatly anticipate the opportunity to begin developing mutually beneficial partnerships with the producers of kosher goods.

As we transport kosher products to end users with a keen focus on both safety and reliability, we take great pride in knowing many of those products will enhance the lives of our very own families and friends.

To obtain a complete list of our Kosher Certified Trailers, please call Modern Transportation at 412-489-4800.

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