Dry Bulk

Modern Transportation is one of the largest sand haulers in the United States.  The silica-based materials we transport are crucial to the manufacturing of glass, roofing materials, building products, fiberglass composites and in the production of energy.

Manufacturing each of these families of products requires more than sand.  Modern is a key player in the supply chains of many other materials and industrial minerals.  We deliver hundreds of thousands of tons of lime and limestone, roofing granules, soda ash, clay, dolomite and gypsum.  Cullet (production-crushed, recycled glass), carbon and coal ash, slag, fertilizers and aggregates are just a sampling of the many dry bulk materials that are mission-critical to America’s manufacturers, and central to Modern’s expertise.

If your production processes require dry bulk materials, call the trucking company that knows the materials and the productions processes – inside and out.  Call Modern.