The Force Behind our Exceptional Value

The last several decades have produced a number of formal studies on the topic of innovation, important work because innovation is nothing less than the force that drives progress.  Scholars typically distinguish innovation from invention.   They stipulate that even the most creative idea (the invention) must be successfully implemented - to cause a broad, useful societal outcome - before it is considered an innovation.

Modern Transportation was founded on the concept of creativity – we foresaw superior alternatives to getting materials from their source to the production sites that were their destination. Since 1983 we’ve put innovative solutions into practice, motivated by the potential these solutions could benefit our customers. The concepts we've implemented have been as simple as switching the height & orientation of a depot siding, and as complex as the installation of sophisticated IT hardware and software in our tractors.

But the common theme in our solutions remains the same: creative ideas successfully applied.  Innovation!

Innovation in the field of transportation & logistics has the potential to transform our world in dramatic ways.  Allow Modern to bring our proven record of innovative solutions to your own transportation operations – we can bring successful transformation to your organization!