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Automate Your Logistics Processes

Transportation is More Than 18 Wheels Rolling

As a long-time leader in the field of material logistics Modern Transportation has developed automated systems that dramatically enhance a number of our own logistics processes. These systems comprise a large part of the reason for Modern’s exceptional operating excellence – which in turn makes us the carrier of choice for a number of this country’s largest manufacturers.

If you are looking to improve your logistics efficiency, Modern has made two of the best of these automated logistics systems available for implementation.

Automating Material Storage Control – Continuous, Real-time Monitoring to Optimize Inventory Levels
Inventory management creates more inter-departmental tension than any other business function. Production supervisors naturally want to keep silos and other storage containers full, allowing them to keep production processes running at full-tilt whenever conditions warrant. Finance personnel, conversely, strive to minimize work-in-progress (WIP) costs – for while excess inventory can calm production concerns it comes at a significant cost.

Given the natural process flow from material transport to delivery to unloading to storage – and our considerable expertise in this process – Modern has developed an automated silo monitoring solution that integrates with our order management system to permit real-time control. By integrating with silo monitoring systems, Modern’s Inventory Management system can create histograms that show – and by extrapolation, predict – material inventories required at any time,

The benefits to inventory management can be considerable. Hard cost savings of up to $100,000 annually are possible, accruing from freed cash-flow plus labor savings and transportation cost reductions. Softer cost reductions arise from proactive delivery schedules, consistent processes and visibility into inventory & transportation.

Streamlining and improving the logistics lifecycle has been a 25-year mission for Modern Transportation. Leverage the fruits of those efforts for your own inventory management.

Carefully Controlling a Major Expense – Making a Key Risk Factor Predictable
Today’s fuel procurement climate is more complex than ever, led by wide and wild swings in the price of a barrel of oil. Beyond that, environmental concerns have seen different regions adopting different fuel composition standards, and that too impacts fuel price. The same ecological concerns have limited the concentration of fuel production facilities to an increasingly few centers within the United States, and that makes viable supply a significant concern as well.

The net effect of these fuel access challenges is dramatic swings in your fuel surcharge costs (FSC). Complicating this is the fact that you’re finding your ability to insure against fuel price variation to be increasingly constrained. If your organization is publicly traded, Sarbanes-Oxley regulations make hedging on fuel prices virtually impossible – and that creates exposure to fuel price swings that can cripple an operating budget. Conversely, as a privately held enterprise, Modern is able to pursue fuel price insurance techniques not available to a publicly-traded firm – so we can enable you to leverage our flexibility

Operating an extensive national transportation system – one that comprises hundreds of tractor-trailer units operating in hundreds of service lanes – Modern has extensive experience in managing fuel procurement. That challenge prompted us to model the risk inherent in the fuel price and availability factors cited above. We continuously update that system as new variables arise – from global economic, political, military and climatic concerns to national and regional legislative developments, production trends and usage patterns.

If your transportation network doesn’t warrant the development of a system as sophisticated and predictive as the one Modern uses, let us extend our solutions to your operations. You have nothing to lose... but the risk!