Over the past century, numerous inventions have emerged to enhance our lives. One such item is Polyethylene. With an annual production of around 80 million tons, polyethylene has made its indelible mark on the world in the form of plastic bags, plastic wrap, and plastic bottles.

Polyethylene has created a competitive environment and various producers have emerged, many of which reside where former steel plants once stood. In light of that competitive nature, which includes fast production and accurate sourcing, a safe transportation partner with a reputation for attention to detail is paramount to the success of any production entity.

At Modern, we recognize that not everyone is positioned to enter into this segment of transportation. With safety in the forefront, our timely performance, our nimble accuracy, and our laser-focus on production schedules uniquely qualify us to be that carrier upon which world-class polyethylene producers rely. You’re the polyethylene experts. Partner with the bulk transportation experts. Partner with Modern.